Catherine has been indispensable to us over the last 10 years.

    She has been responsible for the whole house redesigns of 2 properties for us from the first Edwardian house which needed to accommodate a young but growing family with all the storage and safety considerations that come with young children to our second more contemporary home with now rather more demanding and style conscious teenagers!

    What has always impressed us is how intently she listens to our ideas and respects our long wish lists and then assimilates and builds on them with clever ideas and suggestions we would never have thought of. Her eye for detail and ability to see how a whole house will flow from room to room is especially noteworthy.

    The most recent work done in 2015 took over 10 months and Catherine oversaw the complete renovation including the redesign of the kitchen. Her advice in selecting and sourcing everything from the flooring and kitchen work tops to curtaining, lighting and art was invaluable and the cohesive result is entirely down to her planning.

    It is worth mentioning that her flexibility and quick thinking was especially useful when we wanted to make last minute changes mid project as she was able to adapt and offer alternatives quickly whilst keeping an overview and ensuring we weren’t detracting from the project as a whole.

    Her contacts in the industry are invaluable and we saved both time and money by using her suggestions including for soft furnishings, furniture and lighting. The beautiful Italian glass lamps in the kitchen are always noticed by our guests and we would never have found them without her.

    Our budget for both projects were very strict and Catherine always managed to come in on or under budget.

    Catherine has been able to adapt to our changing needs and style as a family over the years and we will certainly be continuing to call on her for projects both large and small.

    Ellen Vintner - 2015


    Working with Catherine over the past couple of years has been both a pleasurable and successful experience.

    She is a good listener and aims to understand her client and what they wish to achieve whilst also overlaying this with her own experience and knowledge of the market. She works in a highly collaborative way and never imposes her own choices and is a good communicator.

    She has help me with many decorating and soft furnishing decisions, has taken the time to take me “shopping”, has also sourced materials of her own accord based on my brief and is very knowledgeable about new products and ranges in the market.

    She has shown great patience when decisions have been made slowly and has always persisted to see the job to fruition..

    The soft furnishing contacts she has have been truly excellent both in terms of curtain & blind making and hanging and furniture upholstery.

    Catherine has become a good friend and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

    Jane Mecer


    We had to have our house completely refurbished after a fire and we could not have done it without Catherine's inspiration, knowledge and guidance throughout the entire process over the course of a year. She gave a very personal service and was a great support.

    She worked tirelessly, designing the whole house from sourcing suitable fabrics and furnishings to compliment our collection of antiques.  Catherine designed lovely mood boards, carefully making sure every room flowed and came together and complimented each other. She is very patient and has a great sense of humour, making it lots of fun to work with her.

    Thank you, Catherine.

    Unni Parsons. 2013

    Mrs. Unni Parsons


    The property that we had leased to re house our existing hair salon was an old betting shop that hadn’t had any work done on it since the 70’s, and it was in a very bad state, hard to visualize what we could do with the space although it is in a great location. From the start Catherine spent a lot of time giving different options as to what was possible and focused on our clienteles needs and tastes and how the salon should look to attract new clients and cater to existing customers.

    The use of colour and design is constantly commented on by clients and visitors even though we have been open a couple of years, we get lots of client reviews saying what a nice feel the salon has and that they love the whole experience. It has definitely differentiated and elevated us from our competitors in the high street.

    Catherine’s knowledge of the right suppliers for us that came in on budget and were unique for us, was invaluable and streamlined the whole project.

    We found Catherine had lots of creative but practical ideas, choose pieces of furniture that we could never have envisaged or sourced ourselves.

    Although prior to the build the space was limited for what we thought we could achieve the design, use of colours and textures have made it feel twice the size that it is, and is a space we could never have imagined.
    Thank you Catherine…."

    Wendy Higgins

    Brendan O’Sullivan Hair and Beauty

    Wendy Higgins


    Catherine’s input has been invaluable to us and to the harmonious feel that she has created at Koh Phangan Pavilions. The mix of light and airy fabrics with Thai inspired furnishings, wooden and tiled floors, light two toned bathroom tiles, classic bathroom fittings and modern kitchens have been admired and commented upon by many of our guests in their reviews. We thank Catherine for her professional and intelligent guidance.
    Mike Renn, Managing Director, Bougainvillea Company Limited, Thong Nai Pan Noi, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

    Mike Renn


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