This old betting shop in Buckinghamshire is now a high-end salon

This old betting shop in Buckinghamshire is now a high-end salon

This property was an old betting shop that hadn’t had any work done on it since the 70’s as you can see.  This was a wonderful new challenge for us to transform this dull, uninspiring space into a beautiful high end, busy and buzzing Hair and Beauty salon.


I was thrilled to be asked to make this happen For Brendan and Wendy.  Its a lovely salon to visit and I drive 2 hours out of London to just get my hair done.

Wendy, co-owner of Brenda O’sullivan Hair and Beauty goes onto comment:

“It was in a very bad state, hard to visualise with one what we could do with the space and two, to be able to see past the old orange and blue drab existing interior that stood before our eyes. This is when we embarked on Catherine and her creative skills.  Catherine spent a lot of time giving different options as to what was possible and focused on our clienteles needs and tastes and how the salon should work functionally for what is a very busy salon 7 days of the week.”

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“The use of colour and design is constantly commented on by clients.  We get lots of client reviews  saying what a nice feel the salon has and that they love the whole experience. It has definitely differentiated and elevated us from our competitors in the high street.”

Catherine’s knowledge of the right suppliers for us that came in on budget and were unique for us.  This was invaluable and streamlined the whole project. We found Catherine had lots of creative but practical ideas, always keeping in mind on how everything had to flow and fit in and work functionally for a large busy salon.

Although prior to the build the space was limited, Catherine’s careful selection and professional designs have resulted in the space feeling twice the size with the use of the stand out mirrors, colours and textures, the brick walls ………  Its more than we could ever have imagined!

Thank you Catherine….”
Wendy Higgins
Brendan O’Sullivan Hair and Beauty

Salon visit:



Catherine Lightbody Interiors, Access House, The Old Chapel, 443 Norwood Road, West Norwood, SE27 9DQ

E T 0203 712 9580 M 07974 151 498

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