Art – Mixing Contemporary and Traditional

Art – Mixing Contemporary and Traditional

Meridith Martens is best known for her traditional natural world watercolour images, but with this arresting abstract she firmly establishes herself as a contemporary artist. She freely admits that she had great fun with this work. It is a limited edition giclee reproduction and is signed by the artist. From her first art commission in high school, Meridith Martens has had a lifelong passion for putting the world around her on canvas and paper. She is equally comfortable with realism and abstract and the infinite range of expression between them.

I love the contemporary watercolour pieces Meredith Martens creates.  These pieces can also be incorporated in a home where one may have traditional pieces, be it with eclectic or traditionally shaped furniture.


The colours Meredith uses can bring a new life form to a room scheme and act as pinnacle to a rooms ambience. Trowbridge gallery have some fantastic artists and fair prices. You can check out her work here.



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